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Skoda Kushaq 1.0 And 1.5 Tsi 2021 Review ;

4 / 5

Overview Of Car

Skoda is one of the most worldwide brands. Every person who knows about Skoda has a more reliable product and more such as Skoda Octavia, Fabia, Rapid, etc. So now we can see the Skoda launch a new model in India is Skoda kushaq which is made on the MQB-A0 platform, therefore it is the […]

Transmission:6 speed Manual & Automatic
Price Guide:10 lakh to 18 lakh showroom
Model:Skoda Kushaq
Max Torque:113 Bhp to 148 Bhp
Max Power:178 Nm to 250 Nm
Make:Skoda Kushaq
Fuel Type:Turbo Petrol Engine
Fuel Consumption:15 Kmph to 18 Kmph
Engine:1.0 TSI TO 1.5 TSI
Body Style:suv
0-100 km/h:0-9.55 sec

what's you like

  • Cruze control
  • Seat ventilation
  • ABS breaking system
  • ESC system
  • Good touch screen system
  • Activate cylinder technology


what you don't like

  • More fuel consumption

Skoda is one of the most worldwide brands. Every person who knows about Skoda has a more reliable product and more such as Skoda Octavia, Fabia, Rapid, etc. So now we can see the Skoda launch a new model in India is Skoda kushaq which is made on the MQB-A0 platform, therefore it is the exception of everyone Skoda will better quality of the car for a customer. Skoda kushiq have two type petrol variant engine first is 1.0 tsi and 1.5 tsi turbo petrol engine and 6-speed manual and automatic transmission available in the Skoda kushaq. Skoda company claimed many features in our segment which are different from other SUVs in India.

Now we will see that Skoda kushaq competes with SUVs in sales such as Creta, selton which have more hold in market share in the sale.

Interior And Space :

Now we will talk about the interior and how much space inside the car is sufficient for us or not. the Skoda kushaq will fulfill our exceptions if we are purchase Skoda kushaq. the Skoda kushiq is built on the MQB-A0 platform. there are many segments build by Skoda and Volkswagen groups. so every person is excepted that Skoda kushaq model also strongly build on this platform if it compares with another old model of Skoda Octavia. the Skoda kushaq have a dashboard which is good by the use of some hard plastic materials for cut the prize but overall is good.

the Skoda kushaq has given a 10″ inch touchscreen system which is connected with ANDROIDS and IOS system and some features also feel more comfortable with a touch screen like gaana app, valet mode as well as you can check the cover distance and top speed on the roads and how much fuel consumes every one see on this app . so that all features are good in Skoda kushaq . the Skoda kushaq 5 seaters SUV and on all seats, leather materials are used and the armrest is given on front seat for driving person. In the second row of Skoda kushaq, people can sit comfortably and also given an armrest in the center and the Skoda kushaq have good roof height and seat height for passengers. we can see that the Skoda kushaq have good space indoors for water bottle and console also put water bottle and glass for a long drive. the glove box has good space for some other items and the Skoda kushaq has an automatic climate control system. which one makes different from others. the Skoda kushaq has a hazard switch in front and a back seat on both sides, a door lock and unlock button, and seat ventilation also provide by the company. the back seats have some features added with the company like a blower for back seat passengers and a USB port for mobile charging.

Exterior and features ;

The Skoda kushaq has beautiful look which one attractive to everyone. the Skoda kushaq has a front led headlight which one sufficient for car drive at night and the fog lamp of a car is fitted under the headlamp not fit in the front bumper which one different from the other. another feature is that if you want to turn the car on any side then the lamp will be on with the automatic direction of the car.The Skoda kushaq is built on the MQB – AO platform offered with two variants of 1.0 and 1.5 tsi liter turbo-petrol four-cylinder European engine with six-speed manual and DSG dual-clutch

 automatic.transmission system and style, Ambition and Active variants options, and five different colors are available in these cars. the 1.0-liter turbo petrol engine produces 113 BHP/178 NM and the 1.5-liter turbo petrol engine produces 148 BHP/ 250NM which gives sufficient power to the car. the most and different features in these cars are if you are going on the road with cruise option on same speed than in four-cylinder the two cylinders automatic closed which one improves more fuel efficiency in the engine it is called active cylinder technology and deactivate cylinder technology system. this feature is not available in other SUVs and cars. the wheelbase of the car is 2691 which is better than another SUV, as well as space, is also increased in-cabin as compare with others. the car has many features like electronic stability control (ESC) and the anti-breaking system (ABS ) also available which make it more reliable to braking systems. some features add on in top model ambition like seat ventilation, climate control, electric sunroof, auto headlamp and wiper, wireless charger, cruise control, hill hold control, and safety umbrella, etc . The Skoda kushaq all features are good but rather than features strongly build of this car people can purchase it.

conclusion ;

The Skoda kushaq SUV is a premium European brand. now we can see that it will complete the expect ions of the customers in future, but overall car handling and features are good of Skoda kushaq SUV than others cars.


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