Hyundai Inaugurates New Headquarter In Gurugram India ;

Lakhwinder sharma
1 Min Read

Hyundai India announced that they are inaugurated a headquarter in Gurugram Tuesday on 27 July. the Hyundai India will invest one crore in it. that is greenfield spread in 28000 square meters project like provide many more facilities in this campus to the employee, the Hyundai complete 10 million cars complete in production 25 years in this country.
in this project 50kw rooftop solar system, a thermal system with the latest technology, and many more. in this greenfield project, speed gate, with good seating for employees. apart from that, in which video conferencing room, meeting room, a medical room for emergencies situations and a canteen for 330 individuals.
in which 3 DC charges and 11 AC charges are available. Hyundai invests in this headquarters $billion. it is the symbol of Hyundai’s company journey of togetherness with the people. it gives a good environment and strong commitment towards the people. this headquarter realize the Hyundai vision of progression for the people.

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